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Lovely app.

I really love this app. Its great for kids of all ages. :) completely recommend it.

wonderful app!!!

love it for the kids.

Really good app

My son loves it! The only improvement I would make is having the ability as parent to lock or unlock levels as well as to track activity per book.

Free for educators

The description stated "free for educators" and 24 hours later I get an email saying I will be charged $4.99 a month.

Awesome read man

Audio books on long car rides

Such an amazing selection of books!


This is such an amazing app!

Love Epic!

I love children books rather than adult fiction books. I like audiobooks too. Keeping up.


I was super excited to find this app but I found out you had to pay to get the books and I was sooooo disappointed with this app. If you dont want to pay for the books, dont even bother

Love it

Been looking for an app for reading, love to read but I havent been able to find a app affordable for us to read the books that we all love, thanks to epic I can read the books we live without buying them will be looking forward to reading more books and more books later, this is the best app I have found in a long time And I have fallen in love with it s thank again for making such a wonderful app that has me reading and has my computer and tv off that is a true blessing. I will keep this app, because any app that keeps you reading is really good for the brain and your mind and I believe every parent and teacher should use this app to get their students to read, reading will take you will take you all over the world. All over the universe. All the Galaxy. Read on. Make this app awesome, because I love it and think it is already awesome, so thank you again.


I do not like epic it changes your avatar and moves you down levels

Hit the jackpot finding this app

Lots of good quality books, very affordable, easy to use and navigate! Highly recommend!

Wonderful App!

This has been a great investment for our family. All 3 of my kids (ages 3, 6, and 11) really love this app. The selection is very good and its the most kid-friendly ebook source I have found.

Incredible value for the

Epic is perfect for your kids weekly reading logs and reports. Tons of non-fiction. This app has saved us too many times to count on those last minute school projects. Loving the educational videos!

Be time fun

I love epic I think it is a good way for kids to learn it has all ages and its great for story time it makes my kids happy every time they have a book before bed so that is 1 way to get kids excited for bed

Fantastic for kids as well as parents

Millions of thanks to this, my 9-year-old son, a non-native English speaker keeps reading English and listening to it. As a parent, I found almost every piece well selected for kids, and good resource to me as well.

Good and awesome

I think its awesome for people that love to read and are picky about there books. Always looking for good books and they have them here.

CC for videos, please!

Please add a closed caption feature on the new educational videos for subscribers who are Deaf. Otherwise, great app!

Browse and search functions need work

The is the best reading app out there, but with all their success, why cant they make decent search and browse functions so were not always looking at the same books? Web site claims that some books are read by famous voices, but there is no way to search for them. Some books/authors (how many?) are not included in the search engine. Diana Wynne Jones for example. Also, audio books must have a table of contents for easier navigation.

Rip off

The commercials say its free but you have to $5 every month!!

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